From Friday 30 October

From 30 October the online buying process at Manheim will be aligned with the inlane experience.

This means, from 30 October, deposits will be taken for items sold online (excluding purchases by Dealer and Wrecker customers).


Buyers need to provide their billing details in order to place a bid on a BidNow listing or to enter a Simulcast auction.

A deposit will be applied automatically to the selected payment method upon the successful purchase of an asset via the BidNow or Simulcast sales channel. The deposit amount will vary depending on sale price:

Sale price Deposit
$1 - $500 No deposit taken
$501 - $10,000 $500 or 10% (whichever is greater)
$10,001 and over $1,000 deposit

NOTE: an online payment surcharge will be added to the deposit total:
- Credit card = 0.96% + $0.30 (+GST)
- Debit card = 0.71% + $0.30 (+GST)
- PayPal = 2.1% + $0.30 (+GST)

A pre-authorisation transaction of $1 may appear on your credit/debit card statement from ‘Cox Automotive’. This is not a charge, just a temporary hold on funds, it is not debited into Manheim’s bank account and Manheim cannot access this money. This enables Manheim to check if funds are available on the credit or debit card and reserve the funds without debiting the cardholder's account. It provides a level of assurance that a customer's card is valid, has sufficient funds and is not stolen.